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Membership  - $30 per year


New Members -  February 1st through July 31st     $30
                           August 1st through January 31st    $15.00
                           Annually thereafter, $30


Two ways to become a member:


Register and pay on-line: NEW Member Signup




  • If you are currently a member of PSFR&W, you will receive a renewal notice via email 30 days before the expiration date for your membership. There is a link in the email that allows you to go directly to the web site to renew your membership. If you do not renew immediately, you will get a second and final notice 10 days before your membership expires.
  • There is a 60-day grace period to renew in which you are still considered an active Member, but at the end of the 60 days, your Membership will be dropped if you have not renewed and you will have to join again as a new member, and your membership will not be continuous from your original joining date.
  • Please note that you cannot renew your membership before you get your renewal email. The system does not allow such prepayments.
  • If you are not sure when your membership expires, you can log in to the PSFR&W Website and see the date through which your membership is active. If you have questions, comments, or issues with joining or renewing, please feel free to contact the Membership Director.



  • The Board has voted to move from a “rolling 12 months” membership to a fixed renewal date of January 31st for all members.  This will facilitate the renewal process by allowing the Club to advise all members at the same time that their memberships are coming due for renewal.
  • In past years, the Club offered couples memberships.  These had a discounted dues amount because newsletters were mailed for two members to one household.  Now that newsletters are available online and are no longer mailed, all memberships are individual.