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August 15: Update on PSFR&W activities

 | Published on 8/16/2020
It has now been 5 months since we halted club activities, and unfortunately we remain on hiatus while Covid 19 continues to spread in our community. We encourage those who can to get outside for walks and runs, but please do so safely on your own or in small groups. If you are meeting up with others at Sunrise Park, Koffi, or Running Wild as members of PSFR&W, we ask the following:

If you don't feel well, stay home

If you have been around someone with Covid 19, stay home

There is no starting circle, so head out when you arrive

Always wear a mask

Keep a safe distance from others

Don't cluster at intersections and stop lights

Give a respectful, wide berth when passing

Leave shortly after you finish

We miss you all, and will continue to follow the guidance of state and local health officials to determine when we can safely meet again under the banner of PSFR&W. Until then, stay strong!  🏳️‍🌈😷💪